World Caps is an independent and self fun-initiated project on this years

World Cup in Brasil by the two designers Il-Ho Jung & Lukas Weber


The project is featured by the two amazing guest-appearances of

Jan Wilker / karlssonwilker (for USA) & Lance Wyman (for MEX)

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the story

We are enthusiastic fans of this year's World Cup! We love being part of a colorful fan-community and screaming and cheering our team to victory. On our journeys through living-rooms, pubs, stadiums and public-viewing arenas we meet some of the most colorful birds ... as well as kangaroos and bears. But even the most beautiful bear's costume has its day and should be washed.


To show your pride without a costume World Caps offer a new opportunity to show affiliation beyond a stadium or particular event. World Caps entrench football fan-articles as permanent casual wear with 32 individual club-logos on snapback caps.


For love of the game.

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for love of the game